Thursday, 28 October 2010

Southampton Then and Now

It's finally arrived on my doorstep!  Yes, Southampton Then and Now has been published and should be in a shop near you now.  I am very pleased to see it as I was getting a little worried about its non-arrival, particularly as I am signing copies of it in the British Bookshop in Southampton on Saturday 30th October at noon onwards!  It would have been very embarrassing to have turned up and found there were no supplies to sign!

See you on Saturday!

Bournemouth Literary Festival

It's Bournemouth Literary Festival's sixth year and it is good to hear that so many of the events are well supported.  On Tuesday evening, 26th October,  I chaired a panel discussion on writing genres and getting into print, with three writers who have each been published in different areas.  Jackie Edwards writes local history, Martin Baum writes the 'Yoof-speak' books and John Houghton fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays.  They combined their experience to give an interesting insight into the world of writing and getting published.  The discussion ranged over such areas as agents and the need (or not) for them, finances, publishers and how to find one, marketing and publicity.  Questions from the floor covered getting books into libraries and the Public Lending Right (PLR).

The photo shows Jackie Edwards, Martin Baum, Festival Organiser Lillian Avon, Penny Legg, John Houghton

This is the second year I have chaired this panel discussion for the Bournemouth Literary Festival.  It is a bit of a trek in the rush hour traffic, the dark and the rain from Southampton, but worth every minute as it is a useful event for any writer trying to break into the business and needing advice.

The festival website gives full details of the other events going on this year.  Enjoy!