Friday, 20 May 2011

Penny Legg at the London Book Fair

I was disappointed with the London Book Fair this year.  Usually I go there for the first two days but this year I had other commitments and so found myself amongst a lesser throng on the last day for the first time.

What a difference.  The buzz was non-existent.  It was as if all the important deals and excitement had happened and the last day was a day too much for most exhibitors.  Yes, I know the publishing names were there, but the decision makers were gone.  By early afternoon some of the stalls were packing up.  This short changed those who could only make the event on its last day.

Still, saying all that, I did enjoy being there.  I always learn a lot from the LBF and come away with huge amounts of information, both printed and verbal.  It is a useful event for all in the writing and publishing business, but, in future, I will make a point of being there on the first day, not the last!

The next London Book Fair is the 16th - 18th April 2012, at Earl's Court, London.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Penny Legg at Lordshill and Lordswood History Society

A few months ago, my publisher forwarded to me a letter sent by the secretary of the about-to-be-launched Lordshill History Society.  The sender had seen my book Southampton Then and Now and wanted to know if he could use some of the information inside it for some of the talks at the society.

I contacted John Gurney, the secretary, and we have since become good friends.  On Monday 13th April, I was the guest speaker at the second meeting of the society.  A goodly sprinkle of local people turned up, which was gratifying, and I talked about some of the things I had come across in my writing about Hampshire.  John had produced some super colour acetates, which he projected on a screen for me.

I had a good time at the Lordshill History Society.  This is a growing group and they have now launched a blog site, which is full of  a growing number of interesting blogs posts, in particular the list of forthcoming talks and outings.  Have a look at the new site and consider following it.  I think it will be one to whet the appetite for history in this part of the world.

I will be speaking there again in October.

My thanks to John and the Lordshill History Society for making me feel so welcome.

Penny Legg book signing ...

Sometimes, it is nice to be able to help someone out.  When Waterstones in West Quay, Southampton, contacted me at short notice to see if I could come along for an off-the-cuff book signing event there on Saturday April 9th, I was happy to help.

They were lucky I was free.  I am a volunteer tutor on a Friday morning at the U3A and was running my writing group, Writing Buddies, on Friday afternoon.  On the Sunday my husband and I were invited to a friend's home for the day and I was the guest speaker at the newly-formed Lordshill Historical Society on the Monday.  Saturday was my only free day.

I have found both branches of Waterstones in Southampton (Above Bar and West Quay) incredibly supportive since I began to publish books and it was nice that it was to me they turned when they needed help.  I had an interesting few hours signing copies of my books and meeting my readers.

The York Festival of Writing

Catching up with what I have been working on lately, I am going back to the end of March and the York Festival of Writing.  

This was a weekend-long fest of useful workshops, talks, networking and information for writers of all ages.  Top agents, publishers and those in the business were there and some of the delegates have since been signed coveted books deals and gained agent representation - wonderful!

I went along to sit on a panel about useful writing groups and I presented a workshop on the covering letter and synopsis.

My thanks to Harry Bingham and the whole organising crew.