Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A Promethean Event

At a lively and informative handing-over ceremony on Monday 27 August, His Excellency the Governor, Mr Andrew George, presented two Promethean interactive whiteboards to the Honourable Minister of Education, Mr Evans McNeil Rogers, for use in schools on Anguilla.

The whiteboards are accessed via a computer and offer fully interactive functions to both the class teacher and the individual pupils. They are part of a project, directed by Mrs Dawn Reid, funded jointly by the Overseas Programme Fund of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Government of Anguilla. The project, which provides four whiteboards, will enable teachers to offer interactive teaching to a generation brought up on the fast movement and bright colours of computers. As such, it will offer a chance to reach out to children who are unresponsive to traditional, black and white on paper, teaching methods and motivate both teachers and students.

Commenting on the ‘innovative and forward-looking project’ Governor George stated that the US$12,000 which the British Government had invested was an ‘important contribution’ in aiding the Department of Education ‘to keep up with latest developments’ in both technology and education.

Promethean, a company which originated in the United Kingdom, was represented by Dr Mary Markowski, who addressed the invited guests, and Mr Manley Wisdom, an Educator, who demonstrated what the interactive whiteboards could do. This involved a presentation that delighted the guests bringing much humour and startled gasps as the versatility of the technology was revealed. It was evident from the brief overview Mr Manley provided, part of a two day Promethean Professional Development Workshop to train the trainers on Anguilla, that the whiteboards will revolutionise teaching and revitalise apathetic students.

Mr Rogers, in accepting the Governor’s gift, stated that he wanted ‘every school and classroom in Anguilla to be exposed to this technology’ which he stated ‘encourages children to learn.’ He promised that this would be just the beginning and he would be approaching the Governor ‘to meet him half-way’ once again to help bring more of these whiteboards to the island.

The photograph shows the Governor presenting the interactive children’s handsets, through which students are able to access the whiteboard, to the Minister of Education. The whiteboard itself is in the background.

Promethean can be contacted on the following links:
http://www.prometheanworld.com/us/ http://www.prometheanworld.com/uk/

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