Thursday, 6 September 2007

What a Day!

OK, I know I said yesterday that I could afford a little time for coffee and other interests now I have finished my OU papers, but I was not expecting to use my extra time cleaning the house!

Our son, Thomas, his old school friend, Kit and Kit's parents arrive for a visit tomorrow.

So far today, the car, which has been playing up all week by being reluctant to start, has been picked up for repair, leaving me stranded at home. We have not had a lot of rain recently so this morning we ran out of water and now, as I am trying to vacuum around quickly, the internal bag has burst and I cannot find the spare bags we bought recently. So, I cannot wash clothes and beddding I wanted to freshen up, am cleaning in slow time with a broom, dust pan and brush and have managed to draw just half a bucket of water which will have to do to mop floors. It is 86'F and I am hot, sticky and a bit fed up!

On a positive note, Joe ordered a tanker full of water a couple of days ago, so this afternoon we will have some water. I will be able to do my laundry and take a much needed shower!

If I keep my fingers crossed the car will be delivered back to the house sometime soon so Iwill not be marooned any more. It will only be the vacuum cleaner which will be out of use. I cannot get bags for it on island (or anywhere else for that matter!) and the bags Joe and I bought in the UK on our last visit we hope will fit when I do eventually find them. If not, we have a useless cleaner!

These things are sent to try us, and oh dear, they do!

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Shashank said...

oh dear!!

if you let us know what brand of vaccum cleaner you have and what size of bags you need I can courier them to you, if i can find them here in T&T!