Saturday, 3 November 2007

Busy Penny!

They say that if you want something done, give it to a busy person. Well, that is what has happened to me recently.

On Wednesday an editor did me the compliment of entrusting seven articles to my tender care. That was very nice of her and I am grateful.

Then she dropped the bombshell that the deadline for all the copy is 10 November. Under normal circumstances this would not be a problem but I just happen to be going to Miami on 3 November - tomorrow. This has meant that I have had to do all the interviews and behind the scenes work yesterday and today, so I can take the notes and work on the articles while I am away.

I have had great fun contacting people, arranging appointments, emailing questions, taking photographs and talking to interviewees in different parts of the island over the last 48 hours. I seem to work best when I am under pressure and certainly the old grey matter seems to have been quite stimulated by all the work!

To all the people who have cooperated with me these last few days, I say a big 'thank you.' I do appreciate your moving your schedules around to accommodate me.

Now all I have to do is produce the articles....


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny. Heard you had been off the island recently. Hope all is well. Pleased to hear you are keeping busy. Are you able to say where your articles will be appearing and are they accessible on the net. Denise

Penny Legg said...

Hello Denise. Thanks for this comment. If you follow the links on this blogsite (below my photo) you will be able to read my 'The Anguillian' articles and the Chamber of Commerce 'ACOCI Connection' newsletter. See my next article for more info. Best wishes Penny