Saturday, 17 May 2008

It is so easy to make a mistake!

My mother has emailed me in a bit of a flap. She is only just getting some confidence using the computer and, as she can now see the screen following a trip to the opticians, she is starting to press buttons she would not usually have noticed, let alone used.

This morning I opened my email to find the following message:

"penny, i think i have made a bo,bo. i am so sorry, i think i have clicked on a wrong button. i was looking on your blog site, when i saw a button that said FLAG or UNFLAG BUTTON.not knowing what it was, i clicked on it. i was horrified when i saw that i was reporting you for bad reading content. sorry."

I have never been reported for bad content before and did not expect my mother to be the one doing it! I hope that whoever investigates this will see that all is well and it is just an elderly lady trying to get to grips with modern technology. I have now emailed her with instructions on how to use the cursor to hover over buttons she does not recognise, so that the resulting dialogue box will appear and tell her what the button is for. Next I must teach her how to put capitals into her emails properly!

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