Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Cap Juluca

I have been very busy the last few days and so I have not been able to mention Cap Juluca. What is this? I will tell you dear reader...

Cap Juluca is Anguilla's premier resort. The winner of numerous awards, from Frommers to Conde Nast, it is quite simply the place to stay in Anguilla and many would say, the Caribbean.

It was my husband, Joe's, birthday and I had no idea what to give him. Ever had that feeling? He does not need anything, so what do you give someone who has all he wishes? I cast about and thought of Cap Juluca.

We have lived on Anguilla for more than three years and in all that time my husband and I have only visited there once, for a cocktail with some friends. It is lovely, set in idyllic surroundings on Maundays Bay.

So I called the hotel and booked a suite with a pool. I was expecting something less than we got!

Palatial was not the word. It was exquisite. The completely private swimming pool where you could relax, serene in the knowledge that you were not overlooked and no one could disturb you. The huge marble bathroom and four poster bed in the elegant bedroom were to die for. The balcony that took the suite out into the open air, its folding doors allowing the gentle swish of the waves, mere feet away, to lull us off to sleep at night. The living room had a panoramic vista which took in the bay and the hills of neighbouring island, St Martin, just a few miles away.

It is true that the kitchen, fully equipped with everything you could want and more, was the home to many friendly ants but we did not do a lot of cooking while there, confining ourselves to making coffee, so we all lived in perfect harmony.

The staff were pleasant and friendly. It was a bit of a job to pre-order a birthday cake but I managed it and it arrived on time, which was great. What was very nice, and totally unexpected, was the bottle of champagne, chocolates and dried fruit sent by the management. We had arrived on my husband's birthday and, although the accompanying card was to me not him, we understood the sentiment behind the gifts and were truly touched.

In all, we stayed for two nights, were joined by friends Julie and Rob to celebrate Joe's birthday and Julie's the next day, and we had a wonderful, relaxing time. We had both got into a rut, worked too hard and too long, and forgotten how to play. We had a weekend of luxury and fun. It was great and I thank the management and staff of Cap Juluca for a truly marvellous experience.

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