Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Society of Women Writers and Journalists

I am slowly getting back to my writing. England is full of exciting possibilities!

I enjoyed an excellent meeting of the Society of Women Writers and Journalists (SWWJ) at their Regional Meeting in Chichester last week. The guest speaker was Janet Lawrence, cookery and crime writer (she wrote the Caneletto and Darina Lisle series') and inspirational speaker. She gave a witty talk on how she became a writer, with tips on how to write a crime novel. I was interested to hear that you do not necessarily have to know about police procedure or forensics to write a who-dun-it?! As crime novels are more likely to be read than any other genre of fiction, writing such a book is attractive to many. I might well give it a try myself. Watch this space...

I am delighted to be taking over as editor of the Society's magazine, The Woman Writer. I am looking forward to meeting the challenge of producing a 24 page colour magazine five times a year and getting to know the Society members whilst doing so.

Talking of meeting Society members, Sylvia Kent has an excellent blog which gives much interesting coverage to the activites of the SWWJ. I recommend her blog for a thoroughly good read: http://www.sylviakent.blogspot.com/

Now, back to writing.....


Heather Bestel said...

Welcome back Penny, to a very rainy Britain.
Can't wait to see your crime novel in print.
Heather x

Penny Legg said...

Many thanks Heather. As for the novel... watch this space! Penny