Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A morning in the life of Penny Legg...

Bright and early this morning - 06.15 to be precise - I was camera in hand for a photoshoot at the Bitterne police station in Southampton.  I am working on my next book, Southampton Then and Now, and was re-creating a 1960s image of a line of police cars coming out of the station, being directed by a uniformed policeman in the street.  

As times have changed and health and safety regulations have come into force, we had to recreate the shot in the early morning, before there were too many cars about, as we needed to shut the road briefly.  I had taken along a reflective jacket, which managed to make me look ten times my usual bulky self, but did do the trick as it was still getting light when we started to set up the shot.  My husband, on his way to work, stopped to watch and took the shot above of me in action.

I have to say a big thank you to Sgt Ashthorpe and Sgt Selby at the Bitterne station for their cheerful co-operation, and to the Police Constables behind the wheels of the four cars involved.  A big thank you too to Derek Stevens and Paul Stickler at the Hampshire Constabulary Historical Society for setting up this and other such photography opportunities for me, for this and other books.  

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