Monday, 25 February 2008

'Anguilla Botanicals' by Jo-Anne Mason

Meet Jo-Anne Mason, artist extraordinare!

Jo-Anne has just opened her first art exhibition for ten years at the Savannah Gallery in the Old Valley, Anguilla. The exhibition, 'Anguilla Botanicals,' comprises the first twenty five pictures in an on-going series of pencil images, which will eventually be used to illustrate a book on flora on Anguilla.

At the opening on 23 February, which I covered for The Anguillian newspaper, the gallery was thronged with eagerly expectant art lovers. Praise for the work was unanimous and the first nine sales were made on the day. Proceeds from the sales will finance the publishing of the book.

Jo-Anne's exhibition marks the latest incarnation of this talented lady. Constantly setting herself new challenges, she strives for success and it usually pays off. Thus, she has invented equine equipment and accessories, sculpted, painted, written books and is a consummate graphic artist. This latest venture is the first in a new medium.

'Anguilla Botanicals' is an on-going exhibition. For more information on this fascinating show visit:

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