Thursday, 27 March 2008

The Festival Del Mar was such fun! The whole community turned out to support it and there were lots of visitors to go around the various food stalls and stands.

The Anguilla Sailing Association came along with the kids from the Anguilla Youth Sailing Club and Kenny Richardson did well to win the Optimists race. Captain Lue won the Sunfish race and was jubilant "I'm one of the main guys," he modestly remarked afterwards.

Four brave fishing boats went out in the still-heaving seas for the Fishing Tournament. Two returned in time for judging and Roger Smith won the Best Catch category. He had a great weekend as he also won the Adult Model Boat Race and competed in the Adult Triathlon. Asked what he thought of his achievements he said,"I am proud and I am the best fisherman in Anguilla!"

As the weather had been so bad, the traditional boat races were curtailed. One Class B boat sank on the prerace warm up and had to de-sail before being refloated.

Food was spectacular as is to be expected on an island with the reputation for culinary expertise. The Island Harbour beach restaurant, Coté Mer, served delectable Paella with ingredients donated by several island businesses and gave all proceeds to the local St Andrews Church. Local vendors cleaned and sold fish on the roadside.

Music went on into the night. The delightful Garvey and his Satisfaction band got people into the mood on Saturday evening.

In all this first Festival Del Mar was a success and lessons learnt this year will go towards making it a must for everyone, local and tourist, next year.

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