Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Charming Gentleman - Morton Patterson

Sick or not, writing has to go on.  

A short time ago I was asked to write the Annual Report for the Anguilla Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACOCI), as I have done in previous years. This year though, I am in the UK and not in the Caribbean, so it has been a little more challenging to get all the information, write everything up, get it laid out and for me to edit and proof read it in time for the AGM tomorrow.  Suffice to say that it has meant some long hours to get it all together in time. Thankfully Skype, that wonderful VOIP system that allows free calls between computer users, was up and running and I was able to talk to the ACOCI Graphic Designer, Valerie Zaharia, at length and work with her in real time.  

What is different this year is that I was able to meet and interview the keynote speaker, Morton Patterson, (of Morton Patterson and Associates, www.mortonpatterson.com)  in London before he left for Anguilla.  He and I met, having braved the English chill, at the Royal Festival Hall.  

Morton is a business coach, keynote speaker and facilitator specialising in working with business owners, managing directors and senior management who feel overwhelmed, need someone to help them clarify their business vision and plan a way forward.  He works with clients who are submitting major tenders for developments across East London, the Thames Gateway and the 2012 Olympic Games.  He is also a charming gentleman, who genuinely wishes to use his considerable skills to assist business people.   

The resulting article was published in The Anguillian on 23 January 2009.  To read it click here.

Whilst on island Morton will be running two workshops, 'Goal Setting and Business Planning' on Thursday 29 January 2009.  These have been sponsored by the OECS.

The AGM is tomorrow, Wednesday 28 January 2009, at the Overlook Restaurant between 12.30 and 2.30 pm.  For more information call the Chamber on 497 2839.

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