Thursday, 29 January 2009

On interviewing...

I subscribe to several blogs.  One of them is written by Simon Whaley, my old Writer's Bureau tutor.   

Simon's Tutor's Blog is full of useful advice and yesterday he blogged about interviewing, offering some helpful hints and tips for new interviewers.  This triggered off some memories for me and so I emailed him.  Today he has published my comments, which you can read here.

Interviewing someone can be a daunting experience for the new writer.  Of course you do not want to make a mess of it or have the interviewee think you an amateur, so it is a juggling act. For me the fact that I had been a market research interviewer in a previous, and very distant, life, helped me a lot.  The fact that my husband's job has led to my having to be able to talk to people from all walks of life and in any situation has helped too.  Therefore, when the first interview came along, I concentrated my energies on researching the subject rather than thinking about how it might go wrong.  Of course, making sure the dictaphone had fresh batteries, I had more than one working pen and the camera was fully charged with an empty data card also helped!

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