Sunday, 1 February 2009

Well, this is unexpected!

My first edition of The Woman Writer, the magazine of the Society of Woman Writers and Journalists (SWWJ), has hit the stands and has been very well received indeed.  I have been the recipient of calls and emails to congratulate me on the magazine and there have been a great many complimentary words said about my first effort.  

This is unexpected!  I just do my job.  I hope people like what I write, edit or photograph but I am always surprised when I hear that there are people out there in readerland who appreciate what I do.  So often there is no feedback to work and writers just hope they have it right, carrying on regardless.  It is therefore great to hear that not only is your work read but appreciated too.  

Sylvia Kent, the SWWJ's wonderful public relations member, as well as prolific author, freelance writer, journalist and photographer, has kindly blogged about me and my first edition of The Woman Writer.  To read what she has to say click here.  Thanks Sylvia!


Rob Innis said...

Us at the TWC look forward to seeing it!

Rob Innis said...

Congratulations on your editing success! I am looking forward to seeing a copy very soon.