Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Lady

Imagine my surprise when, first, the post was delivered before noon this morning and then, I found that there was a copy of The Lady inside the single envelope delivered!

Not only that, but on page 48 (yes, I know, a fair way into the magazine) there was my article on Eling Tide Mill, just outside Southampton, which I mentioned on this blog a little while ago. 

To say that this was unexpected is not quite true as I heard a little while ago that the article had been accepted but I did not know when it would be published.  Today is the day!

So, if you are going past a newsagent today, you might like to look in and pick up a copy of The Lady.  It really is a good read!


Nik said...

Congratulations, Penny. Nice to be in the Darwin special anniversary edition too! I'd recommend Harry Thompson's thick tome 'This Thing of Darkness'which is about Robert Fitzroy, including his captaincy of HMS Beagle. I wrote a rather long review of it on Amazon. 5 stars.
Nik Morton

Penny Legg said...

Thanks Nik. Yes, it is nice to be in this particular edition.

I will certainly look out for the book you recommend too.

Best wishes