Thursday, 17 September 2009

Penny Legg at the Bournemouth Literary Festival

I have been asked to chair a discussion panel at the Bournemouth Literary Festival on 15th October. The theme is 'Getting into Print - conventional versus alternative routes'.

The panel consists of writers from the area. Joanna Pulford runs a local interest magazine and has recently started her own publishing company, David Hay is currently promoting his latest novel, The Fundamentalist, published by Authorhouse, and George Stratford, former Saatchi and Saatchi advertising copywriter, has published books both conventionally and through vanity publishing.

The venue is yet to be announced, but I am looking forward to meeting these three talented authors and to chairing the discussion at the Festival.


Rob Innis said...

Sounds an interesting opportunity - have to get you a gavel!

Penny Legg said...

haha! My name and profile are just going on the site now. I hope lots of people turn up. It will be an interesting discussion, I think.