Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Penny Legg, Book Review 'Cocktails and Camels' by Jacqueline Carol

I notice that the review I wrote for The Woman Writer magazine, of Jacqueline Cooper's book, Cocktails and Camels, written under the pen name of Jacqueline Carol, has been printed on the Arab World Books website.

I do wish that Jacqueline would write a sequel as I was charmed by this story of her youth growing up in Egypt. The climbing lessons in the basement of her convent school, travelling in style with her parents and the gorgeous governess, Mrs James, with her tales of being adrift in the Caribbean ocean in a trunk, all combined to form a page turner I could not put down. I am delighted that my review was thought worthy enough of further publication to be reproduced on the web. If anyone would like to read more of Jacqueline Cooper, or my review of her book, click here.


Carole Anne Carr said...

Hi Peggy,
I know it is very forward of me, but I wondered if you would be kind enough to write a review of my latest book, 'Little Boy Good-for-Nothing and the Shongololo' if I sent you a copy?
As a new author starting out, a new career at 72..., I am trying to become known, a very uphill struggle, but I shall understand if you are 'snowed under' with requests.
Kind regards, Carole.
Carole Anne Carr

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Penny Legg said...

Hi Carole Anne, if you post me a copy I will read it but I cannot guarantee when! I will do my best though. Thank you for thinking my opinion worth asking for.
Best wishes