Monday, 15 February 2010

Penny Legg at the Southampton Writers' Circle

I was a guest at the Southampton Writers' Circle recently, where I gave an illustrated talk, 'Writing Articles Can Be Fun!' to a predominantly fiction writing audience. I had been specifically asked to give that talk, as many of the group were in the dark about what constituted an article, and the subject was thought of as dry and dusty. No one actually wants to write articles and actually enjoys doing so, do they?

Well, I think by the end of the talk, which was followed by a short workshop on gathering article ideas, using market handbooks for suitable publications to sell the idea to and working on an outline for the article, the writers present had changed their minds. There can be some fun in writing articles! Of course, I told them a little about some of the things I have got up to when working on magazine pieces, some of which are in the archives of this blog. I have been fortunate in some of the opportunities I have been offered and this has led to some fun adventures. I hope that my talk gave a boost to those who had toyed with the idea of article writing but did not really know how to go about it. I look forward to hearing on the grapevine that articles are now being written in the group and that members will be reporting publishing successes soon.

Many thanks to the Southampton Writers' Circle for having me.

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