Friday, 12 February 2010

Penny Legg's 'Southampton Then and Now'

Well, I had a nice surprise today. I knew that my publisher (The History Press) had been working on the front cover for my next book, Southampton Then and Now and today the first draft of it came through by email. It is not quite what we both want, as it does look a little bare in places, but it is nice to see the mock-up and my name on it. I think we will be looking at this again next week.

I will shortly be launching a blog for each of Folklore of Hampshire and Southampton Then and Now, so watch this space!


Wendy Hughes said...

Congratulations Penny! It is a wonderful feeling seeing you name on the front cover of a book. May you have many, many sales.

Rob Innis said...

Great news, major step forward - but I agree with you about the actual cover layout - my initial reaction was 'Lot of empty space'

Penny Legg said...

Thanks Wendy and Rob. It is nice to know there are readers out there who take the time to let me know what they think.

I hope I do have many, many sales Wendy. Fingers crossed!


Vivienne said...

Wow Penny! I'm afraid I have a different view about the cover! I really like it! The simplicity of it, your name placement, and the colours. I think it looks great, easy to look at and isn't too busy!

My humble opinion :)

Penny Legg said...

Hi Vivienne,
Thanks for commenting. I must admit, it is growing on me! Sometimes simplicity is the best policy but I will see what else the publisher comes up with first. I sent them a series of photographs to choose from but they did not tell me what they were going to do with them! If I had known they were going to merge the old into the new, I might have looked for different ones!