Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend = New Bathroom!

This bank holiday may not have been very exciting in terms of weather, but here in the Legg household it was quite eventful.  The reason was that the long awaited new bathroom suite was installed.  Hurrah!

For months we had talked about it, we had raided the sales and found 'the perfect suite' and then stored it until we had the time to install it.  This May Bank Holiday weekend was the time!

We had the usual trials and tribulations - the chief being that we had not thought about the fact that we were replacing a standard rectangular bath with a P-shaped shower bath.  Of course, this is the Legg household so it was a foregone conclusion that things would not go smoothly, none of the fittings lined up with the old wastes and pipework, and much time was spent in faffing about trying to make them fit. We are not professionals, and it showed!  We also found that the previous owners of the bathroom had tiled over old tiles, the pretty blue ones in the picture, instead of replacing them.  Sigh.

Still, now it is in and we just need to tidy up and install the last minute bits and pieces, like flooring.  Phew!

Our thanks to my brother, who stayed the weekend and saved the day.

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