Monday, 21 June 2010

Swanage Armed Forces and Veterans' Weekend

Just back from the Swanage Armed Forces and Veterans Weekend.

Well, what fun it was!  Winston Churchill chatted to the public, a panther assault vehicle and several other preserved military vehicles were on display and some on parade, a super singer of 1940s songs (more about her in a later post) entertained a stiff upper-lipped crowd (the wind was biting) who sang and danced along with her, a street party with spam and jam sandwiches (not together, I hasten to add) was a novelty to many and, of course, the veterans, cadets and serving Armed Forces personnel were in attendence.   All of this  went together to bring a touch of nostalgia to the town's sea front.

On Sunday, the salute was taken by Lt Col James Coward, the commanding officer from nearby Lulworth Camp.  The parade drew many hundreds of people to line the route and was a moving tribute to all those past, present and future service personnel and allied groups.

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