Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Being Organised!

OK, I am the first to admit that I am disorganised.  I don't mean to be but sometimes (yes, I'll admit it, often) things get in the way and I am distracted from my path and don't always remember my way back to it.

Last night I received an email that at first made me think the sender had made a mistake.  My reply politely pointed this out.  His reply, obviously offended by my response, was to point out that it was I who had made the mistake, forgetting an appointment we had had.  I am now mortified!  I had not put it into my diary and thus had missed it.

So, after apologising profusely, no one has time to waste and I had clearly wasted his, I thought about what I could do to be more organised. I do not like to be unprofessional.  This led to my writing a long list of all the things I had been meaning to do but never seemed to find the time to get done and hey, presto! I realised that, actually, I need a bit of help.

Last year, when I was trying to work on a new military history whilst sorting estates, property and emotions out, I employed a lovely lady to give me a bit of part time admin assistance.  She is now working full time elsewhere and so is unable to help me this time. I had several people apply for the position she eventually filled, so have gone back to one of them to see if she is available to give me a few hours a week. Hopefully, this will get me back on to the straight and narrow once again.  Fingers crossed she is free.

Sometimes it takes a mistake to make you realise that you need help, so I am grateful for my colleague's email last night.  Let's hope he forgives me.

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