Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Happy New Year!

2008 already! Time flies when you are having fun and that is just what is happening in the Legg household in January.

Joe and I have just celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary and our son, Thomas, and my brother, Duncan, flew in from England to join our friend Susan, who had flown in from Pakistan (just ahead of the Bhutto assassination I am pleased to say), to help us celebrate. We renewed our vows on Shoal Bay Beach (one of the world's top beaches and just up the road from our home) and had a little party afterwards which was attended by many of our friends on island. The event was covered by my lovely editor Nat Hodge of The Anguillian (http://www.anguillian.com/) with his brand new Nikon (12 megapixels and tiny - wonderful!) and I sat up writing an account for the newspaper so it would hit the next day deadline.

Susan had been with us for Christmas and New Year and it was fun doing touristy things with her. She was also one of my two Best Ladies (the other being my unflappable friend Julie) and she ensured I was adequately dressed for the occasion by buying me the most beautiful shell necklace to enhance my black and white dress. Bless her.

Thomas and Duncan were Joe's Best Men, along with Julie's husband, Rob. They did manly things like Elvis impressions with their collars turned up in our living room before we set off for the beach!

Pastor Jeremiah was great. He had obviously done lots of these ceremonies before and he was professional throughout. He was even happy to have Thomas adding a mobile phone to the proceedings so my parents in England could join in the event.

The sun shone and we had a great sunset to finish off the day. Great!

A group of friends met recently for the Second Pimms (unofficial) Tennis Tournament in Anguilla. This is a fun event for players with limited abilities (such as yours truly!) to play doubles tennis and drink quite a lot of Pimms. As you can imagine, it is a somewhat giggly event by the end of the tournament. We look forward to next time with eager anticipation!

Today came the news that I have been accepted as a Full Member of The Society of Women Writers and Journalists in England. I am really very pleased by this news. I must thank Nat Hodge for proposing me to the Society and to the Society's Secretary, Wendy Hughes for seconding me. This will open up new avenues and I will be able to mix with other writers from all over the world. I look forward to a long association with the Society.

Thomas leaves us today to return to the UK. I will be sorry to see him go but he has things to do in England. He has just bought a boat to live on and he needs to organise getting it from its present mooring in a marina on the south coast of England to the Thames, near Hampton Court Palace. The boat needs a little work on it and so he will be busy for a little while with that.

Duncan will stay with us for another couple of weeks. This week he will take a Resort Dive with our friend Rob and then, if he still likes diving after that, Joe and I will dive with him at the weekend. I am really looking forward to that. It is a shame that Thomas could not stay any longer and join us but it was not to be.

Looking forward my birthday is on the horizon and then we will be looking at the beginning of February. Time flies. In the meantime, I need to get my finger out and do some work. No peace for writers, let alone the wicked!

The Photos are all from our Wedding Anniversary and show our Best Ladies and Men along with our good friends Sheryl and Mike, Thomas and I, the sunset, Joe and I and Rob and Julie. Julie is trying to distance herself from her Elvis impersonator husband!

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