Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Leaving Our Home

We moved out of our house on Monday.

I must say it was a bit of a wrench. The house, on Sea Rocks, Island Harbour, on the north east of the island, has been our home for 3 years and 3 months. It was comfortable and cosy.

The view, out to sea across the reef, was wonderful. Over time we have spotted whales swimming by and watched exciting boat races, seen unwary boats hit the reef and chuckled at the attempts to rescue them.

We have sat out at night star gazing, held shooting star spotting competitions (the record was 6 in an hour!) and relaxed with friends on the terrace over a glass of wine.

We have watched the local wild chickens bring up countless chicks in the garden, laughed at the cheeky Yellow Breast's love of sugar and all things sweet and been thankful there were so many geckos to eat some of the mosquitos.

I have wandered about the garden taking photos of flowers and fruit growing in seemingly impossible places, from the inhospitably rocky ground. The pink grapefruit were a real plus!

Leaving meant a massive cleanup operation, involving a sort out of everything and then packing and sweeping, moping and tidying what was left. As we departed we were sad but it was then a shell of what it had been and no longer the happy home it once was. It was sterile and stood ready for the next occupants. They will put their mark on the house and make it their own, just as we did.

Now we are living in a hotel. Paradise Cove is in the West End of the island and we have a very nice apartment with all mod-cons. There is a swimming pool on site, which we have made full use of in a vain attempt to get a bit fit before we leave the island on Monday! I think we are doomed to failure but it's fun trying!

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