Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Packing Up

We are up to our ears in boxes, bits, bobs and assorted junk.

After more than 3 years on island, following over 3 years in Bangladesh, we are on the move again. This time it is back to Blightly where things will have changed somewhat since we were last resident there.

We had packers in all day yesterday and are expecting them in again today. It is amazing how many things we have accumulated! Now we are sorting, trashing, boxing, storing and hope it will all be complete by Thursday afternoon. I have had enough already.

Wish us luck!


Robi said...

Yes good luck!

Probably plenty of changes in Blighty

Penny Legg said...

We have only spent a few weeks in the UK in the last 7 years. It will be a steep learning curve as we get to grips with the changes - and the prices!!