Thursday, 19 March 2009

Day Three - Not Without Incident!

Well loyal readers, here I am again with another instalment in the continuing saga of The New Kitchen.

Day Three dawned bright and sunny in Southampton, I did not cough as much as the day before and Vince turned up as early as usual. All good stuff.

Today the oven found a new home and so did the hob. It was fascinating to watch the holes being cut in the worktops for the various bits and pieces. As you can see, Vince has
some decent kit to get the job done. Sadly, the sink, which I had ordered specially, waited weeks for and was fondly looking forward to seeing installed, turned out to be flawed and split when the tap holes were being drilled. Sigh. A telephone call to the supplier has produced a promise to send another as soon as they can, we just hope it will be soon.

In the meantime, the worktops in the kitchen area have gone in and look good. It really is amazing how little things make the greatest difference. The contrast between the stark white units, chosen to bring lightness to a dark room, and the beech coloured counters is quite startling. Yes, we can still see the old blue walls in places, but soon, they will be gone again for ever!

The pile of rubbish is growing in the garden. This is a good sign. The more there is in the garden, the less there is in the garage!

OK, I will not bore you with any more details. Enough for now. Day Four is looming and this will bring the utility side of the room into the equation. Can't wait!

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