Monday, 16 March 2009

Today is ‘K’ Day!

'K' for Kitchen.

Yes, today is the day we had the old kitchen taken out. I must admit that I woke up this morning in a state of high excitement! We have waited for several months for it all to happen and today is the first day of a week of activity that will see the new kitchen rising, phoenix-like, from the ashes of the old.

Vince, our fitter, arrived ahead of
schedule. I had been up ages, busy taking the last bits and pieces out of the cupboards, but had not yet brushed my hair or put any makeup on. Added to that I have been nursing a hacking cough (again, I love the English climate...) for a couple of days and today I felt grotty with it. Vince, full of the joy of spring after a weekend off riding his Triumph Trophy 900, took Scruffy Penny in his stride and proceeded to rip the innards out of the kitchen in record time. He was more concerned with what his mum would
say about his designer stubble in my 'action' shots, than with my messy hair.

My husband, with the day off to make sure that all started well in good Project Manager style, met with both Vince and the electrician, who had popped in to see what he had to do tomorrow, made himself useful moving the double oven (to be ebayed later) to the garage and nipping to the DIY shop for odd bits.

As you can see from the shots taken as it was taken apart, the kitchen needed to come out. We found that the walls had been painted blue before the units were put in and there were several layers of old
wallpaper, in shades of dark brown, green and mustard, lovely.

Tune in tomorrow for another instalment of the Legg's new kitchen.

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