Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Kitchen - Day 2

After yesterday's excitement, what did today hold in store? Well, actually, more excitement!

My word for the week seems to be, 'Cor!' as Vince keeps amazing me with the speed with which he works. He has not stopped all day and we have a recognisable kitchen once more. Brilliant. The first cabinet took my attention, of course. As it took shape, I could at last see the future kitchen in my mind's eye.

Of course, nothing goes smoothly. We discovered last night that the twin carousel units we thought we had ordered were not, in fact, on the order. I have been out and about to try to get them today. Of course, they are "Special Order," as the helpful staff told me. I cannot get them just by walking into a store and asking for them. Mind you, I wondered how long "Special Order" was, so asked. Three days. Excellent. All being well, they will be here by Friday and Vince, who turned up clean shaven today (!), will still be here to fit them. Keep your fingers crossed, loyal reader.

Things have been delivered again today and the garage is bulging. It's a good thing we have a garage, or the house would have burst, what with the appliances, flat packed boxes and equipment lying about.

Ok all for now. Day Three tomorrow.

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