Monday, 30 March 2009

You asked, so.... is the last on the kitchen saga.

As so many people have contacted me about the kitchen, wanting to know what it looked like in the end, here is the mostly-finished article. It needs to have the ceilings and walls painted and then it will be completely finished. Time is the one thing we have in short supply, so painting will have to wait until next weekend at the earliest. In the meantime, many thanks indeed for contacting me and asking about how it is going. It is nice to know that I have readers and also, that I have not bored you with the domestic life of Penny Legg and her family! As I say in my blog introduction, 'here you will find off-the-cuff articles about my travels, my family and my hobbies, as well as more formal writing pieces.'

Having a new kitchen installed has been a very interesting experience. I had not realised just how much there is to do. As well as Vince, the fitter, there was Ian, the plasterer, Simon, the electrician and the gas fitter, whose name escapes me for a moment. Then there were the two gentlemen who picked up and took away all the rubbish (a van full) and the chaps who delivered the various parts of the kitchen. For a week and a half there was hustle and bustle at the Legg household. Now we are sorting out our things and learning how to use the new appliances and such like. Great fun! How we ever managed without the new breakfast bar, I do not know!

Many thanks to fitter, Vince Roffey, for a job well done and to B&Q and their fitting company.

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